Poonawalla Fincorp (PFL), a prominent Non-Banking Financial Company in India, specializes in consumer and MSME financing. With a wide network of over 110 branches across the country, PFL provides an array of loan products, such as business loans, pre-owned car loans, and loans against property. Its comprehensive offerings cater to diverse financial needs, empowering individuals and businesses alike to achieve their goals.


As a Relationship Manager in the Medical Equipment and Machinery Loan Department, I likely faced several challenges. One significant challenge could have been the need to establish a strong customer base for a new product line. Since this was a newly launched product, you may have encountered difficulties in finding potential clients who were interested in medical equipment and machinery loans. This could have required extensive market research, networking, and outreach efforts to identify and attract suitable customers.


In response to the challenges faced, I strategically navigated the market by analysing conditions and competitors. Actively participating in machinery expos, I showcased PFL’s unique selling points to machinery manufacturers, fostering crucial connections. Additionally, I addressed customers’ financial needs by offering tailored solutions. This proactive approach helped overcome challenges, establishing a robust customer base for the Department while ensuring compliance and success in a competitive landscape.